A Holistic Mission Guide

The Church’s Response in Times of Crisis

The Mission of the Church – Evangelism and Discipleship

Before the pandemic, Jotsoma Baptist Church (Nagaland, India) used to have thriving Sunday worship services. Approximately 1500 members would come together and fellowship each Sunday. But once the lockdown was imposed, the church could not meet for 30 Sundays.

Online services were arranged but since the setting was in a village, many did not have the means to participate in the new mode of worship. It was in this context that the home visiting pastor of the church began to write short and simple sermons and print them out. Some volunteers would help deliver these printed sermons to about 500 families before Sunday. Soft copies of these sermons were shared to members and friends through WhatsApp.

Many families would fellowship together on Sundays, pondering on the sermon. Some read it during their family prayer meetings and more enthusiastic members even read it on a daily basis throughout the week! This continued for 28 Sundays as members continued to appreciate and encourage this act of evangelism.Finally, the sermons were compiled in a book entitled “Kikru Nu Kerüsuo” (Worship in the Family) and is being distributed to anyone who would like to read it.

For Reflection and Discussion

1. What are creative ways you have sought to connect with those who do not have access to technology during the pandemic?
2. How has your family grown together spiritually during this season? What resources have helped you the most as you have worshipped within your home?

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