Meet Grace

BWAid: Impacting the World One Life at a Time

As a young girl, Grace was sent by her family to live as a “Trokosi” slave at a shrine in Ghana. Trokosi is a traditional system in which a virgin girl serves as a slave to make amends for wrongs committed by the girl’s family. Now age 21, Grace can no longer find or even identify her biological family as she was sent to the shrine at such a young age.  

During her 13 years of enslavement at the shrine, Grace experienced captivity and abuse, including rape which resulted in pregnancy. Thankfully, Grace was rescued from the shrine by the Ghana Baptist Convention.  

Grace enrolled in the Baptist Vocational Training Centre operated by Ghanaian Baptists and supported by Baptist World Aid. Along with other rescued young women, she began to see a brighter future and a new life. For the first time, the girls dreamed of graduating and becoming responsible adults capable of providing for their families and living independent lives.  

This dream was nearly cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 when schools and churches were closed to help curtail the spread of the virus in Ghana. It was thanks to the Baptist World Alliance COVID-19 Response that this dream was restored. 

Grace graduated successfully in December 2020 to the glory of God. Now she has started a personal trading activity in the Volta Region of Ghana that will give her and her child a future of hope and provision. 

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