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Inspired by the Rev. Dr. Jeff Carter’s pioneering 2003 research for the European Baptist Federation across 54 nations in Europe, Central Asia, and the Middle East, Horizons was established to address the specific training needs of hundreds of youth and children’s ministry leaders. Initially offering courses in English, this initiative has grown over the past 20 years into a global force within local churches worldwide.

Horizons is now available in over a dozen languages, with more in development. The program offers dynamic online training and engaging live seminars, all conducted by locally trained mentors. These mentors are experienced ministry leaders who bring a wealth of local knowledge and context to enrich the learning experience.

BWA Horizons
BWA Horizons

Reaching Leaders in over 50 Countries and 14 Languages

Horizons offers two streams of training: one for youth ministry and another for children’s ministry. The vast majority of leaders in these ministries worldwide are volunteers. This program is specifically designed to provide training that combines practical and theoretical frameworks, grounded in solid biblical principles and theologically sound reflection.

Horizons aims to equip, enable, and encourage strong, reflective leadership capable of engaging with the ever-changing and challenging world that youth encounter. Ultimately, our mission is to make disciples of not only all nations but all generations as well!

Online Interactive Courses

Choose from a variety of relevant topics.

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At Horizons, our singular focus is to equip, encourage, and engage youth and children workers, empowering them to introduce and disciple young minds to become passionate followers of Jesus.

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Bob Morris
Horizons Leadership Scholarship

BWA Horizons

Help us further our mission to impact the next generation! Your gift today will honor the legacy of long-time youth leader and Horizons mentor Bob Morris as well as provide resources to further Horizons’ impact across the globe. Through the Bob Morris Horizons Leadership Scholarship, we can ensure this valuable training remains fee-free for children and youth leaders across the globe.

Committed to Grassroots Engagement

The program has grown by listening to the stories and needs of youth workers, pastors, and leaders from various nations, cultures, and languages. By incorporating insights from global experts and practitioners in youth and children’s work, Horizons has curated a wealth of relevant training in an accessible online format.

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