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The Church’s Response in Times of Crisis

Teaching Children to Persevere During the Pandemic

I am a mother with young children, and we love to attend church and Sunday School regularly. I really became aware of the importance of Sunday School during the lockdown period when children and adults alike were unable to worship together at church. We received video lessons to show and narrate to our children at home on Sunday mornings during the normal class time, and at home we had such warm fellowship as a family – something we have been neglecting for so long. My children learned to pray for the needs around us, and we learned memory verses together as a family, among which were Psalm 23 and Proverbs 3:5-10. 

One particular Sunday message, which we thoroughly enjoyed and felt such reassurance of God’s hand in the beginning of the pandemic, was from Genesis 50:20. It taught us that God allows seemingly bad things to happen to us with which we struggle and go through pain, but it all happens for his glory to shine through. Joseph had to go through a series of harsh circumstances in his life, but God kept him under his care to lead him to save his family and a nation during a devastating famine. So what others do with the intent to harm and destroy, God turns around to bring about beautiful things again. For some, we see that instantly, while for others we wait to see when we are finally at rest away from this world. This unfortunate pandemic season is a difficult time, but we see the hand of God in bringing about beautiful things too. It is truly a time for us to find our hopes in him alone.

For Reflection and Discussion

  1. How do we as parents view the fact that the lockdown forced us to spend time teaching our children, whether teaching them regular school subjects or teaching them the Bible? Have we ever considered this to be a blessing?
  2. Have we ever considered that this devastating global pandemic could be used by God for good? Could you name some good that God has revealed in your life during this difficult time?
  3. Everyone’s experiences during the pandemic can become the source for a testimony and teaching point. What experiences do you have that could be shared with others?

About the Author

Seketuno chase Punyü is a Montessori school teacher. She is married to Keni and is the mother of two children (ages 7 and 5). They make their home together in Dimapur, Nagaland, India.
Seketuno chase Punyü

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