Dear BWA Global Partners:

We have several ways you can help us fund our ministries – and it won’t cost you a dime!BWA Affiliates

You can raise money for the Baptist World Alliance® just by searching the Internet, shopping online, or going out to eat! will make a donation to the Baptist World Alliance® every time you search the internet and all you have to do is register the BWA as your charity and then start your search or shopping from there.

Even if you don’t buy anything, the BWA can get a donation just because you searched from there and chose us as your charity.  We received a donation of more than $20.00 from the first four people who used this service!

If you will also use when you shop online they will donate a portion of every purchase and offer you special coupons, too.BWA Affiliates

Each store decides what percentage to give to charity per purchase, and some are giving 6% of your purchases!  Just think, if 1,000 friends of the BWA will use this service, that could generate tens of thousands of dollars for our ministries! We hope you will go to to begin helping the BWA while you are surfing the web, and that you will ask your friends to do the same!


The Baptist World Alliance® has similar arrangements with and Network for Good.    BWA Affiliates

Purchase your books at and the BWA will receive a percentage of those purchases.   

You can also makes your contribution to the BWA through Network for Good by clicking the icon.