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  • The Empowerment of the Holy Spirit (in line with the BWA Theme for this quinquennium “In Step with the Spirit”)
  • The awareness of the Mandate for Evangelism
  • The Holistic Mission of the Church

 The Bread of Life Program’s purpose is to mobilize Baptists at the local level to:

  • Participate in a process to renew their understanding of the mission God in Christ has committed to the church;
  • Stimulate the desire to bear witness to the multiple dimensions of the church’s missional calling in the churches’ particular context;
  • Facilitate the sharing of stories on effective evangelistic engagement in the local area.

Bread of Life Events

Fort-de-France, Martinique, and Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, on June 19-26, 2016.

The BWA held a fourth “Jesus Christ, Bread of Life” Mission and Evangelism Training Conference in Fort-de-France, Martinique, and Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, on June 19-26.  Martinique and Guadeloupe are French overseas departments. It was part of a program of evangelism conferences for French-speaking countries in Africa, Europe, Haiti and West Caribbean.

On the basis of these three pillars, presenters lead participants in the discussion of the following four major questions,

  1. “What has been done? – The Awareness of the State of the Church’s Witness”
  2. “What is God calling us to do? – The Awareness of the Biblical Mandate for Evangelism
  3. “How to fulfill the call?  – The Awareness of Relevant Methodology”
  4. “What comes next?” – Declaration of the Intent as the next steps toward faithfulness in mission and service are identified”

Some 420 participants attended the meetings in Martinique, with a daily average attendance of about 140. Another 321 participants were in Guadeloupe, with about 107 on a daily basis. Presenters included Lionel Charles, educator, writer and a pastor in the Evangelical Church in France; and Renaud Dumont, a founder of the Federation of the Guadeloupe Baptist Churches, a former host and producer of a Baptist radio broadcast covering Guadeloupe and Martinique, and founder and senior pastor of First French-Speaking Haitian Baptist Church in New Hampshire in the United States.

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North Haiti Christian University, Haut Limbé, from January 31-February 1, 2013.

A Bread of Life Mission & Evangelism Training conference was convened by the BWA delegation General Secretary Neville Callam; METR Director Fausto Vasconcelos; CBF Executive Director and Treasurer Everton Jackson, in conjunction with the Haiti Baptist Convention at the  Three hundred fifteen pastors, denominational leaders, church leaders and seminary students, representing seven Baptist conventions in the country were present.   Evangelism and Mission of the Church were strongly highlighted and then discussed in five focus groups during two afternoons. A final Declaration was drafted by a committee and presented in the closing service having received enthusiastic reception, proposing the formation of an Alliance of Baptists in Haiti for the purpose of uniting all Haiti Baptists in their common efforts to witness and be a prophetic voice in the country.

The presentation and signing of the Declaration was a significant and solemn moment in the order of the closing worship service on Friday February 1. Click here for that resource

First Gathering of Baptist Denominations  Rio de Janeiro, Brazil July 22nd, 2012

This was a first initiative ever to bring together Baptists of different traditions in RioThe following Baptist groups were represented: Brazilian Baptist Convention, National Baptist Convention, and the Convention of Independent Baptist Churches. Two other groups – Bible Baptist Fellowship and the Convention of Regular Baptist Churches – were not able to attend at this time, but are open to the initiative. All Baptist groups in Rio together have a total of about 800 local Baptist churches/missions in one single Brazilian city. About 150 leaders and church members were in attendance.

As the keynote speaker, METR Director  spoke on the BWA Mission & Vision and then challenged them to plan a “Jesus Christ, Bread of Life” outreach action in 2013/2014 involving all local Baptist churches in Rio as a pilot plan for the entire country. This challenge was again reviewed during lunch with the Rev. Ronaldo Lemos, coordinator of the event, early this afternoon.

UBLA Congress and Assembly  Asunción, Paraguay, April 18-21, 2012

992 registered Latin American Baptist delegates and in addition to other worshippers gathered at Latin American Baptist Congress and Assembly. The presentation of “Jesus Christ, Bread of Life” PowerPoint by METR Director generated enthusiasm and support.

Prof. Marlene Baltazar da Nóbrega Gomes, president of UFBAL (Latin American Baptist omen Union) requested a copy of the BOL PowerPoint to post it on the UBAL website to encourage Latin American Baptist women to Evangelism.

Le Pain de Vie  Lagos, Nigeria, November 15-16, 2011.

Le Pain de vie was a “Jesus Christ, Bread of Life” Training Conference on Mission and Evangelism was held, designed specifically for BWA Francophone member bodies in Africa.Participants came from Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Togo reflected on the role of the Holy Spirit, the mandate for Evangelism and the Holistic Mission of the church through the leadership of General Secretary Dr. Neville Callam, Youth Director Rev. Emmett Dunn, and Associate Director for Communications Rev. Eron Henry.

A booklet with all presentations in French is on the BWA Website/Publications as a timely and major contribution to all French-speaking Baptists around the world.

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 This event prompted steps for follow up:

    1. To strengthen the capacity  of leaders on new approaches or methods relating to the work of mission and evangelism
    2. To facilitate partnership relations between churches of the West and those of Africa
    3. To facilitate the financing of evangelization like social and development projects

Cambodia   July 11-14, 2011

This All-day Training Seminar for 63 pastors/leaders Cambodia Baptist Union brought from 17 provinces around the country during July 11-14, 2011. They represented 345 churches and 13,319 members.

It was a “Jesus Christ, Bread of Life” Training Seminar in which they were introduced to the BWA Vision & Mission, then reviewed and were urged to bring to their local associations and churches the theme and the principles of this program

APBF Baptist Mission Consultation at Kohima Ao Baptist Church Conference Center  Nagaland, India, August 24-27, 2011.

There were 135 mission leaders representing 1.3 million members of the 13 Baptist conventions and associations in NE India gathered together as a follow-up to the Living Water Conference in Singapore October 2009, now under the “Jesus Christ, Bread of Life”,  to strategize evangelism and mission for the region.

One of the evening celebrations focused on Jesus Christ, Bread of Life” theme and concepts. An appeal was made for all NE India Baptist conventions and associations to use them in their ongoing outreach ministries.

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  • Spanish Translations by: Paula V. Fulfaro, B.A. Government & International Relations
  • Portuguese Translations by: Dra. Hedy Silvado (DDS)