Union of Evangelical Free Churches (Baptists) in Germany

(Bund Evangelisch-Freikirchlicher Gemeinden in Deutschland K.d.ö.R.)





Bundesgeschäftsstelle Johann-Gerhard-Oncken Str. 7 14641 Wustermark GERMANY


Phone: +49 33 234 74 103
Fax: +49 33 234 74 199
Website: www.befg.de


President: Michael Noss


  • February 2023
    We join with union leadership in giving thanks for 27 church planting projects, a fruitful mission conference at the beginning of the year, and opportunities to help people in need in Germany and worldwide.

Prayer Requests

  • February 2023
    We join with German Baptists in prayer for:
    • ways to respond to the polarizations in ethical and social issues and that Christians will be known as people who contribute to reconciliation and not fuel conflicts
    • the future plans and impact of the Union of Evangelical Free Churches (Baptists) in Germany through “Our Union 2025 – Shaping the Future”
    • for Iranians in the country and their families
    • for enthusiasm of the churches for the Gospel and a love for people through the Spirit of God.

BWA President Tomás Mackey is pictured during his visit to Elstal Theological University in Berlin, Germany, in 2021.