Baptist Union of Norway

(Det Norske Baptistsamfunn)





Chr. Krohgs gt 34 N-0186 Oslo NORWAY


Phone: +47 67 10 3560
Fax: +234 2 241 3959


President: Sissel Merete Berg
General Secretary: Bjørn Bjørnø


  • We give thanks for Norwegian sisters and brothers who graciously hosted the BWA Annual Gathering and SENT Mission Summit in Stavanger, Norway, in July 2023. 
  • Join us in thanking God for the faithful leadership of Baptists within Norway, including that of BWA Executive Committee Member and former BWA First Vice President (2015-2020) Jan Sæthre.

Prayer Request

  • We join in prayer for Baptist women in Norway as they advocate for victims of domestic abuse in their communities as well as globally through strategic partnerships with BWA Women and Baptist women in Sierra Leone.
  • We give thanks for the EBF and BWA Annual Gathering and Sent Global Mission Summit scheduled to take place in Stavanger, Norway, in July 2023. Join us in prayer for the Lord’s blessings upon this strategic time together.

Pictured are BWA General Secretary Elijah Brown, Director of Global Events and Fellowship Carolina Mangieri, and EBF General Secretary Alan Donaldson as they recognize Norwegian leaders for their service as hosts of the 2023 Annual Gathering.

Baptist Union of Norway

Pictured is Jan Sæthre with BWA President Paul Msiza (2015-2020) at a March Executive Meeting in Falls Church, VA, USA.

Baptist Union of Norway