Meet Joshua

BWAid: Impacting the World One Life at a Time

Joshua’s world collapsed when COVID-19 closures forced him to lose his job in Ecuador. Then a BWA grant opened up a new opportunity.   

In his own words: 

“Before the project, due to the pandemic I was unemployed and only working with my dad sporadically. However, I realized that there were suddenly many more opportunities to produce live broadcasts. I was able to help refurbish a studio at home, purchase new light stands, and began to work on videos and broadcasts.  

The workshops your grant provided helped me learn how to create digital advertising. I learned how to promote myself, acquire a target audience, sell my service, respond to client needs, manage the finances of the business, and invest for the future. The project manager connected me to a current TV producer. Together, we extended this grant by hosting a course for college-aged students from our church and from the community. The TV producer taught the background theories, and I provided the practical hands-on training.  

I feel very good and happy as a result of this grant, and especially with the equipment I was able to buy as working tools and with the seed capital that enabled me to launch this business. I also benefited from the knowledge and training I received. Thank you for entrusting me with this opportunity. Every time I enter my studio, it is a great joy.”

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