Standing with the People of Maui

Call to Prayer

This month devastating wildfires have wreaked havoc across the island of Maui (Hawai’i, USA), scorching more than 3,000 acres and resulting in the deaths of more than 100 people.

Because of the island’s remote geography, access to supplies are limited.
Baptist partners are seeking to respond at this critical time.

Will you stand with us in prayer and support for this community?

Pray for Maui

Pray for:

  • Strength, wisdom, and endurance for those continuing to fight the wildfires
  • Comfort for those who are grieving
  • Grace for churches as they seek to be sources of peace and light at this dark time
  • Provision of resources to begin the long process of recovery and restoration
A Prayer for Solidarity from Australia
Rev. Mark Wilson
National Ministries Director (Australian Baptist Ministries)
Dear Lord,

We stand, in prayer and solidarity, with those in Hawaii who are suffering.

As Australians, we understand the devastation of the impact of bushfires and the loss suffered by many. Australia has also experienced such tragedy and we join our hearts with those who are now going through this ordeal.

We pray for those who have suffered personally, lost possessions and have experienced the deep loss of loved ones.

May they be comforted with the peace of God.

We pray for those who are responding and helping in this situation. May there be collaboration of all who are working together. Grant them wisdom and give them strength as they support those in this distressing ordeal.

May they be comforted with the grace of God.

In times such as this, we acknowledge that you are our God, and you are good. We pray for Your healing of the land of Hawaii and restoration to those who have lost so much. We remember that even amidst devastating circumstances, You are our comfort.

May all experience the love of God.


A Prayer from
John Upton
Former BWA President (2010-2015) and BGAV Executive Director (2001-2022)

Eternal Heavenly Father, we in the Baptist World Alliance bring to you all those who have suffered devastating loss of life, property, and dreams in Maui, especially those in Lahaina. We remember with such gratitude the Aloha welcome and servant care we received while at the BWA Congress not so many years ago. We come to you offering our prayers on their behalf.

May our brothers and sisters feel your peaceful presence in such a time of hurt and chaos. Like the morning sun, may they feel the light and warmth of your comforting touch. Though their hearts are confused and numb, may your Spirit like a tropical breeze blow upon them and give them peace. May they come out of this dark valley comforted by your rod and staff.

Lord, It gives us comfort to know that all the unspoken prayers that have risen from so many hearts, even when no words could be found, have reached your ear and you will love them out of the riches of your grace.

It is in Jesus’ name, our Lord, that we pray. Amen

A Prayer from
Lisa Murray
Vice President – Baptist Women of North America
Holy Father, we pray for our brothers and sisters in Hawaii at this hour. Your word declares that you will never leave us or forsake us. We ask that you fill their hearts with an abundance of your mercy. Where there is fear and anxiety, we ask that you grant peace. Where there is grief, we ask that you comfort broken hearts. Where there is loneliness, we ask that you allow their hearts to feel our prayers. We pray for the families that are searching for their loved ones. In the days ahead, Father, prick our hearts not to forget our brothers and sisters suffering each time we pray. We know you to be The God of Restoration. We ask that what is lost will be recovered.

All these blessings we ask in the name of Your Son and Our Saviour, Jesus Christ. Amen

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