World Peace and Disarmament

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BWA World Congress Resolution 1980.4

Recognizing that the world is far from achieving peace and justice and that vast sums are spent on armaments while much of the world goes hungry or suffers from lack of education and medical care,

We affirm that we stand for peace and reconciliation among all nations.

We welcome the decisions of the 10th special United Nations session on disarmament, call on all governments of the world to implement these decisions in the field of disarmament, and stop the production of and trading in the weapons of war—conventional and nuclear.

We express the conviction that an efficient relief service cannot be enacted unless peace is preserved on earth. Famine and starvation—among other causes—are a natural consequence of wars. We commend the USSR and the USA for the Salt II agreement and pray earnestly for its ratification as a needed step. We urge the governments concerned to continue negotiations with a view to the reduction of armaments and, in particular, the cessation of the development of nuclear arms.

We plead that the benefits of resources freed from expenditures on armaments help to defray the costs of meeting needs of developing countries.

We express sorrow and concern over the continuing conflicts and bloodshed around the world. We support all sincere and just action directed to the cessation of conflict, including all nations and parties involved, especially through the United Nations organization.


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