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BWA World Congress Resolution 1934.5

126. Dr. Geo. W. Truett, President-elect of the Alliance, moved the following resolution on behalf of the Resolutions Committee :

“This Congress affirms its profound conviction that war is con-trary to the mind of Christ.

“The international misunderstandings, jealousies and rivalries which have followed the last Great War have baffled every effort to secure general disarmament. The preparation of munitions of war is a commercial interest. There is through-out the World a growing sense of insecurity because of the failure thus far to establish an effective commonwealth of nations possessing the authority and the means for redressing and preventing international injustice.

“This Congress therefore urges upon all its constituent bodies, by all possible means to induce the Governments of their respec-tive countries to declare themselves ready to surrender what- ever of their national sovereignty it may be necessary to surrender in order to establish an international authority for the maintenance of the peace of the world on the basis of equity and right.

“The Congress further urges upon all Christian men and women constantly to bear their personal testimony against the in- humanity and anti-Christian character of war, earnestly to promote the corporate and united action of the Christian Churches in the cause of peace, and untiringly to advocate and practise good-will toward people of all nations.

“The Congress would welcome the calling if practicable of an international Conference of the Christian Churches to avert war and establish peace, and it would urge its constituent bodies to join in such a movement.”

127. Mrs. Ernest Brown, England, seconded the resolution.

128. The Rev. Harold Camp, U.S.A., moved a “Substitute Resolution.”

129. It was moved, seconded and carried that Mr. Camp be given an additional five minutes in which to speak.

130. The “substitute-resolution” was seconded by Miss E. J. Crooks, U.S.A.

131. The following speakers also addressed the Congress: Rev. E. K. Jones, Wales.

Dr. H. M. Wyrick, U.S.A.

Professor R. A. Barclay, India.

Mr. C. T. Le Quesne, K.C., England.

132. The General Secretary, Dr. Rushbrooke, proposed, and Dr. Clifton D. Gray, U.S.A., seconded a motion that tne original reso-lution moved by Dr. Truett should be first put to the meeting.

133. This motion was carried.
134. The original resolution was then put and carried with about ten dissentients.
135. Dr. Maurice A. Levy, U.S.A., made a statement respecting his vote against the resolution.

136. The Rev. E. Eubank, U.S.A., proposed and Dr. Maurice A. Levy, U.S.A., seconded a motion that Dr. Truett’s motion should be put to the meeting a second time in order, if possible, to secure a unanimous vote.

137. This motion was carried.
138. Dr. Truett’s resolution was put to the meeting a second time, and carried with one dissent.


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