Tribute to Dr. Billy Graham

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BWA World Congress Resolution 1995.6

The General Council and 17th World Congress of the Baptist World Alliance meeting in Buenos Aires,
Argentina, July 31-August 6, 1995, with the theme Come Celebrate Christ: The Hope of the World,

GREETS Dr. Billy Graham in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and on behalf of his Baptist brothers and
sisters around the world;

RECOGNIZES the unique contribution made by him to the evangelism of the world and the extension of
the Kingdom of Christ;

HONORS, with deep gratitude to God, the faithfulness, integrity and servant ministry of this outstanding
Christian leader and the model he provides for future generations;

ACKNOWLEDGES the powerful impact the Berlin, Lausanne and Amsterdam Congresses on World
Evangelization have had, not only on Baptists, but on the church worldwide, affirming that all who belong
to Christ must obey the Great Commission;

THANKS God that Dr. Graham’s crusades have called for a commitment to do justly, to love mercy and to
walk humbly with God and have encouraged Christians worldwide to understand that true evangelism
issues in social action;

EXPRESSES GRATITUDE to Dr. Graham for helping Baptists gain greater freedom in many countries,
and especially for his labors during the last days of the communist regimes of Eastern Europe when he
intervened with governments to secure the release of Baptist and other prisoners and worked tirelessly for
justice and religious freedom;

PRAYS that Dr. Graham may continue to proclaim, with power and great spiritual authority, Jesus Christ
as the way, the truth and the life;

REGRETS that Dr. Graham could not be present in Buenos Aires, but acknowledges his support and
encouragement of the Baptist World Alliance, having addressed almost every World Congress since 1950;

THEREFORE with wholehearted love and joy, the Baptist World Alliance offers this tribute to the
ministry of Dr. Billy Graham and sends this resolution and expression of thanks to him.


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