Thanks for Help in Time of Distress

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BWA World Congress Resolution 1923.3

Minutes, p. xx:

32. A resolution of thanks from the many groups of suffering Baptists on the continent, to those who had succoured them, was presented by the Rev. F. W. Simoleit, of Germany, and was accepted.

Meetings Summary, pp. 57-58:

The following resolution was moved on behalf of the Union of the Baptist-groups in the countries of Europe, that have suffered because of the recent war and its disastrous results, by the Rev. F. W. Simoleit, Missions- Direktor, Neuruppin:—

During the dark days of need and distress in our respective lands the members and friends of our churches also suffered intensely from a grievous lack of food and clothing, etc. In the countries not thus affected, our fellow-believers, impelled by apostolic precedent and example, came to our help in a spirit of noble self-sacrifice and of delicate consideration for our peculiar situation, and thus did much to lighten our burdens. They made it possible for us to feed the famishing, to clothe the naked, to succour the widows and orphans. They helped to save our missionary enterprises against wreck and ruin and enabled us to assist also many needy ones, who were outside of our Baptist ranks.

With a profound feeling of gratitude we recognize in the effort of the Baptist World Alliance a real action of Paul’s admonition: “bear ye one another’s burden,” and we cheerfully record the fact, that through this ministration of the Alliance we have been wonderfully strengthened in our faith in the actual presence of Christ in the life of our great denomination.

With a deep sense of our obligation we wish to thank most heartily all of our fellow-brethren in the faith for their loyal and loving support, and to beseech the Lord, that He might pour out His richest blessings upon all those, who in the name of Jesus gave us their assistance in so unselfish a spirit and in such liberal measure.

We cannot refrain from making particular mention of the fact, that the General-Secretaries and Secretaries of the Unions that came to our aid, and the Commissioner of the World-Alliance, Dr. Rushbrooke, spared neither time nor labour to secure all the information possible concerning the situation in the needy lands, in order to direct intelligently and sympathetically the needed help. We would assure them of our profound gratitude.

May the Spirit of Jesus Christ—the Spirit of Love and of Service— continue to be a sacred treasure and trust in our denomination, in order that our common Lord may be glorified and His Name be praised throughout the world.


Original Source Bibliography: Whitley, W. T., editor. Third Baptist World Congress: Stockholm, July 21- 27, 1923. London: Kingsgate Press, 1923.

Original Source Footnote/Endnote: W. T. Whitley, ed., Third Baptist World Congress: Stockholm, July 21-27, 1923 (London: Kingsgate Press, 1923), pp. xx, 57-58.

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