Testing of Nuclear Weapons

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BWA General Council Resolution 1977.5

WHEREAS the Baptist World Congress, held in Tokyo in 1970, called for International “agreements for the limitation of both offensive and defensive strategic weapons” and for “immediate agreements to suspend the further deployment of all offensive and defensive nuclear strategic weapons systems, subject to national verification or such other measures of observation and inspection as may be appropriate,” and

WHEREAS the Baptist World Congress, held at Stockholm in 1975, expressed encouragement in noting the conferences on arms limitations, and called “upon governments to abandon the evil acceleration of the fantastically costly armaments race,” and

WHEREAS the Congress in 1970 also expressed its concern for world ecology,


(1) That the General Council of the Baptist World Alliance express its support for the prompt negotiation and ratification of a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty, for at least an experimental period of four years; or, if such a comprehensive treaty is not agreed upon quickly, we support a moratorium on nuclear weapons testing for at least four years, during which time more efforts can be made at working out a comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty;

(2) That, pending the completion of such a treaty, we urge all nations, possessing nuclear capability, to restrain voluntarily from nuclear weapons testing, so long as others exercise the same restraint.


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