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BWA World Congress Resolution 1985.6

WHEREAS terrorism as a technique of dealing with political or ideological conflict has dramatically increased during recent years, and

WHEREAS indiscriminate attacks against civilians through bombing of airplanes, highjacking, kidnapping, harassment and murder are direct attacks against the sanctity of human life and contrary to the will of God, and

WHEREAS religious fervor has often been described as the fuel that drives the group actions to terrorism, WE RESOLVE THAT:

  1. We deplore the destruction of human life and the deliberate infliction of human suffering upon innocent people.
  2. We recognize the practice of terrorism by any group as a violation of international law, as well as an assault on the conscience of humanity.
  3. We call upon Baptists in every nation to urge their respective governments to condemn terrorism and to prevent its spread by refusing asylum or support for terrorists.
  4. We also call upon Baptists to support constructive efforts by their governments to achieve international cooperation for the eradication of terrorism and its causes from the earth.


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Original Source Footnote/Endnote: Reinhold J. Kerstan and Ruby J. Burke, eds., Out of the Darkness Into the Light: Official Report of the Fifteenth Congress, Los Angeles, California, USA, July 2-7, 1985 (McLean, VA: Baptist World Alliance, 1985), p. 221.

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