Sexual Morality

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BWA General Council Resolution 1989.3

WHEREAS, humanity everywhere is undergoing a revolution in sexual morality as evidenced by changing mores, promiscuity, marital infidelity and a preoccupation of the media and advertising with a crass commercialization of sex, and

WHEREAS, the youth of most societies in today’s world are largely disoriented as to sexual values which contribute to the stability and enjoyment of family life over the span of human life, and

WHEREAS, much physical, emotional and spiritual harm is being perpetuated upon humanity by cheapening of sex in the media, by the sexual exploitation of women and children in pornography, by extra-marital pregnancies, by the use of abortion for birth control, by the widespread sexual abuse of children, by the rapid and frightening spread of AIDS, and by commercialization of sex, and

Whereas, God gave to humankind the good gift of sex for procreation, the expression of love and pleasure, and the enhancement of the biblical teaching of the one-flesh relationship, in the context of monogamous marriage all to be used to the glory and purposes of God, and

WHEREAS Christ’s redemption includes our human sexuality,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the General Council of the Baptist World Alliance, meeting in Zagreb, Yugoslavia, August 1989, encourages Baptist churches and Baptist bodies in and nations to prepare, share and disseminate materials advocating the biblical understanding of human sexuality in order to encourage high respect among both males and females of all ages for each other and faithfulness to the mind of Christ.


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Online Document Full Citation: BWA General Council Resolution 1989.3 Sexual Morality;

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