Resolution Opposing Violence and Abuse of Women and Girls

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BWA General Council Resolution 2018.2

The Baptist World Alliance General Council, meeting in Zurich, Switzerland, July 2-6:

AFFIRMS that women and girls are created in the image of God and invested with inestimable worth and dignity as gifts from God, and are essential to the health and vitality of families, churches, communities, and national life;

ACKNOWLEDGES that the church has at times stood silent or has been guilty of perpetuating biblical and theological interpretations regarding women and girls that render them vulnerable to violence and abuse in the home, the church, and society; and hinder their ability to live into the fulness of God;

NOTES that harassment and violence against women and girls worldwide are immoral and antithetical to the freedom of all people as expressed in the Gospel, and that the church has too often been guilty of abusing and demeaning women and girls and of covering up instances of abuse;

RECOGNIZES that the #MeToo movement has been catalytic in calling attention to the harassment and violence toward women and girls;

CALLS the BWA member bodies to:

  • Enhance the appreciation of the worth and dignity of women and girls in all aspects of family, church life, and in society;
  • Develop programs, policies, and practices that safeguard and empower women and girls;
  • Provide access to counseling and safe places for women and girls who are victims of abuse;
  • Ensure a system of transparent accountability that includes reporting of suspected abuse to appropriate authorities both inside and outside the church;

• Design and implement culturally contextualized curricula to educate ministerial leadership and congregations about the multi-faceted problem of violence on women and girls and processes to prevent such violence.


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Online Document Full Citation: BWA General Council Resolution 2018.2 Resolution Opposing Violence and Abuse of Women and Girls;

In-text Online Document Citation: (BWA General Council Resolution 2018.2).

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