Resolution on Social Progress

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BWA World Congress Resolution 1911.5

Dr. S. Z. Batten presented the following resolution, and moved its adoption:

Whereas, We hail with joy the fact that the Baptist World Alliance is giving such a large place to the social aspect of the gospel and the duty of Christian people to human society; and

Whereas, There is a growing conviction that Christianity is to dominate human life in all its relations, that it is Christ’s purpose to bring the blessings of the kingdom into the life of all men and that it is man’s duty to apply Christian principles to existing conditions in human society, and

Whereas, There are many moral evils international in their scope which are delaying the progress of the kingdom and casting a blight over the peoples of the earth, Therefore,

Resolved, That a Committee on Social Progress of fifteen be appointed to memorialize other religious bodies of the world to appoint similar committees who shall confer together and endeavor to secure such concerted action as shall destroy these evils and make the impact of Christendom upon the nations of earth more helpful. This committee shall also study the further duty of the church to society and shall suggest ways whereby Jesus Christ may become a fact in the social life of the world.

Dr. Prestridge: I know the names signed to that resolution are all right. (See page xvi.)

We have a Committee on Resolutions to look over matters of that kind and to endorse them. They could report in half an hour. I would like to see that reported, so that we can catch our breath as to how much is involved, as to expense or need of a secretary.* I move it be reported to the Committee on Resolutions, and that they report to us in half an hour.

The resolution was accordingly referred to the Committee on Resolutions.

Dr. Crandall: The Committee on Resolutions recommends for favorable action the resolution submitted by Dr. Batten with this addendum: “This action shall not involve the Alliance in any expense.”

The recommendation was accordingly adopted.


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Online Document Full Citation: BWA World Congress Resolution 1911.5 Resolution on Social Progress;

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