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BWA World Congress Resolution 1934.9

187. The Honorary Associate Secretary, Dr. Clifton D. Gray, in speak-ing to the subject, “What this Congress has accomplished,” moved the following Resolution of Thanks on behalf of the Resolutions Committee, with particular appreciation of the services of the General Secretary, Dr. J. H. Rushbrooke, and of the Rev. Walter Hoffmann, the leader of the Congress Press Bureau:

“First of all we wish to record our sincere appreciation of all that our German Baptist brethren have done, at no little sacrifice to themselves, to make the Fifth Baptist World Congress a complete success. They have provided one of the largest and best equipped halls which the city of Berlin affords, and nothing contributing to our comfort and happiness has been neglected. They have given hospitality to many delegates. We cannot say too much of the courtesy and friendliness which have been extended to us by the municipality and the citizens of this great city. It is difficult in a formal resolution to express what is really in our hearts as we think of the untiring efforts of scores of persons who have worked unceasingly behind the scenes, and who have given themselves to the com-plex and difficult task of caring for a convention attended by thousands of delegates and visitors. The music of the choirs of our Berlin Baptist Churches has been uplifting in an unusual degree. Most effective has been the work of the Press bureau as shown in the publicity given by the daily papers of Berlin and throughout the Reich. Those who have served as inter-preters have done their work with great fidelity. To Doctor Simoleit, as representing the whole body of those who have so splendidly served us, we accord our grateful thanks.

“We are gratified to learn of the solemn assurance of the Reichsbischof, made to a group of some 25 or so leaders whom he had invited to confer with him, that it is not the intention to bring about a union of the free churches with the Reichkirche or to exercise any compulsion upon them.”

188. The Resolution was carried unanimously.


Original Source Bibliography: Rushbrooke, J. H., editor. Fifth Baptist World Congress: Berlin, August 4- 10, 1934. London: Baptist World Alliance, 1934.

Original Source Footnote/Endnote: J. H. Rushbrooke, ed., Fifth Baptist World Congress: Berlin, August 4-10, 1934 (London: Baptist World Alliance, 1934), p. 19.

Online Document Full Citation: BWA World Congress Resolution 1934.9 Resolution of Thanks;

In-text Online Document Citation: (BWA World Congress Resolution 1934.9).

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