Refugees and Immigration

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BWA General Council Resolution 2008.7

The General Council of the Baptist World Alliance, meeting in Prague, Czech Republic, July 20- 25, 2008;

Recognizes the global growth of refugee migration and international relocation with more than 67 million current refugees and internally displaced people and more than 191 million international migrants;

Understands that this generates political situations of great sensitivity, fear and misunderstanding in host and home countries alike;

Realizes that immigrants often face an array of cultural, linguistic and economic burdens and often retain important responsibilities for family members in home countries;

Believes that we are all fellow sojourners in this world and that our treatment of the immigrants in our midst is central to authentic scriptural faith;

Calls on: Nations to:

  • Give shelter to all refugees.
  • Develop transparent and equitable systems of migration that treat applicants with dignity.
  • Administer laws and regulations with justice and fairness to citizens and immigrants alike.
  • Renounce xenophobia and the misuse of immigration for political repression and division.

Member bodies to:

  • Instill an ethic of love that supersedes ethnic, gender and political boundaries.
  • Act as advocates for refugees and migrants in solidarity with them.
  • Develop ministries of welcoming reconciliation and integration. Churches and individuals to:
  • Renew their scriptural study, academic understanding and prophetic proclamation of the scriptural mandate to live in love and justice with refugees and immigrants.
  • Grow in grace and hospitality through intentional friendships and relationships.
  • Freely share resources with those in need. Encourages the development of additional study material for the Baptist World Alliance Human Rights Sunday and its utilization by churches and member bodies.


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Online Document Full Citation: BWA General Council Resolution 2008.7 Refugees and Immigration;

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