Poverty and the Nations

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BWA General Council Resolution 1993.4

The General Council of the Baptist World Alliance, meeting in Harare, Zimbabwe August 6-9, 1993,

EXPRESSES concern the effects of drought and patterns of international trade and aid have exacerbated conditions of famine, poverty and disease amongst the many poor and disadvantaged peoples of the nations of the South, not least in the continent of Africa.

CALLS upon the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to examine the Structural Adjustment Programmes prescribed for 19 African countries and other poor nations, and to seek ways to eliminate the serious disadvantages such programmes cause.

URGES the nations of the developed North and their financial institutions to forgive debts and interest repayments from impoverished nations;

IMPLORES all nations whose arms sales contribute to the problems to cease this lethal trade.

REQUESTS the Baptist World Alliance its member bodies to avoid practices which transfer wealth inappropriately; and

INSTRUCTS the Baptist World Aid Committee to suggest actions for churches and member bodies to take in addressing concerns identified in the Forum on Poverty held at this General Council.


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