Jubilee 2000

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BWA General Council Resolution 1998.4

The General Council of the Baptist World Alliance meeting In Durban, July 5-11,1998

ANTICIPATES a special celebration of the anniversary of the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ in the year 2000;

AFFIRMS that “there is no other name whereby we must be saved except that of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Acts 4.12);

RECOGNIZES that many Christians are inspired by the approach of the new millennium to recall biblical references to the year of Jubilee (e.g. Leviticus 25, Isaiah 61, Luke 4) which describe a program of social renewal including the release of debts;

LAMENTS that a billion people living in the forty poorest countries of the world are burdened with staggering national debt;

ACKNOWLEDGES the worldwide campaign Jubilee 2000, which seeks to encourage the forgiveness of debts by banks and government agencies to ensure a debt-free start to the next millennium for these nations to enable better health, nutrition and education programs;

INVITES Baptist World Aid to draw the attention of the global Baptist community to this endeavour and calls upon all Baptist Unions and Conventions to support the Jubilee 2000 campaign provided nothing herein should work to promote governments which deny freedom to their people.


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