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BWA World Congress Resolution 1923.7

Minutes, pp. xxx-xxxi:

142. The following resolution on International Peace, was moved by the Rev. F. C. Spurr, of Birmingham, England, seconded by the Rev. C. H. Sears, of New York, discussed, and carried unanimously:—

“The members of the Baptist World Alliance, meeting in Stockholm, recognize with thankfulness that there are many signs of hope on the far horizon, in spite of the fact that the war spirit is still at work among the nations. The sense of the horror and wickedness of war has burnt itself deeply into the heart and conscience of all the members of our churches.

“The Congress urges the members of all churches throughout the world to pray for peace, to counter-work everything that is likely to provoke Governments to act against each other, to cleanse the educational books of all nations of all racial and national antagonisms, especially in the writing of history, and to kindle admiration for the leaders who devoted themselves to the deliverance of the oppressed, the healing of the diseased, and the service of all. Further, the Congress believes that the cause of peace would be furthered by international church conferences, and the meeting together of Christian people of different nationalities in the interests of brotherhood and goodwill.

“The Congress earnestly desires that all the nations should be brought into co-operative efforts to secure peace through a representative tribunal or Court for the settlement of international quarrels.

“This Congress, representing millions of citizens belonging to different Governments, appeals to the Governments of the world to make the maintenance of peace their first aim, for the sake of each nation and people, and for the sake of happiness and well-being of mankind.”

143. The following memorandum, approved for publication by the Committee on resolutions and by the Executive Committee, was presented through Dr. Rushbrooke for record :— …

“Some of the Russian brethren, while agreeing with all which the resolution contained, have asked that a sentence be added, declaring army service under all conditions unlawful for Christian men.

“The Committee on resolutions was unable to assent to their request, since such a declaration would not represent the general conviction among Baptists. They have an intense horror for war, but have not collectively adopted the doctrine of non-resistance. There have always been among them, and there are still, persons who on conscientious grounds object to any form of military service; and Baptists respect the loyalty to principle which these display.

“The members of the Congress are gratified to know that the Russian Soviet Government accepts alternative service from those who on conscientious and religious grounds are unable to serve in the army.”


Original Source Bibliography: Whitley, W. T., editor. Third Baptist World Congress: Stockholm, July 21- 27, 1923. London: Kingsgate Press, 1923.

Original Source Footnote/Endnote: W. T. Whitley, ed., Third Baptist World Congress: Stockholm, July 21-27, 1923 (London: Kingsgate Press, 1923), pp. xxx-xxxi, see pp. 212-213 for a description of the circumstances.

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