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BWA General Council Resolution 1981.3

The Baptist World General Council, meeting in the Caribbean:

  1. Has observed with profound concern and apprehension the continuing suffering and oppression of many in El Salvador;
  2. Expresses its utmost sympathy with all those who are caught up in the present conflict.
  3. Encourages the member bodies of the Alliance to pray and work for the establishment of lasting peace with justice and the welfare of the entire people;
  4. Expresses community with those who strive for social and economic reform and a bridging of the gap between the rich and the poor.
  5. Condemns the use of oppressive measures, arbitrary arrests, and other brutal acts and calls for a concerted effort to be made by peaceful means to bring about a negotiated settlement which will lead to national elections, representative government and a workable land reform.
  6. Urges that military aid, in terms of weapons and personnel from whatever sources, be terminated on a bilateral basis forthwith and that renewed efforts be made to bring about a political rather than a military solution to this conflict.


BWA; Conflict; El Salvador; Human Rights; Hunger; Justice; Oppression; Peace; Poverty.

BWA General Council Resolution 1981.3


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