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BWA General Council Resolution 1982.5

We reiterate the conviction expressed by every Baptist World Congress form 1970 to the present, that the levels of fighting forces and armaments of the nations must be reduced. The arms race between the super- powers and the increased military readiness of all nations constitute a danger to peace and are an economic and social waste. They are inconsistent with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The very presence of nuclear weapons and the willingness of powers possessing such weapons to use them is an affront to our Christian beliefs. We reaffirm the resolution on disarmament endorsed in San Juan last year.

We commend the recently concluded Special Session on Disarmament of the United Nations General Assembly. We urge all nations to proceed without delay to continue their efforts to obtain workable treaties of arms limitations and reduction, subject to mutual verification, and to adhere to such treaties.

We urge our member bodies to give thoughtful consideration to the roles which they can undertake in helping to carry out the UN’s World Disarmament Campaign.

We further urge that peaceful means be used by national Baptist bodies to influence national governments toward peace and disarmament. That in countries where freedom of the press, access to the media and peaceful demonstration are restricted, international pressure be applied to give voice to the people’s desires for disarmament.

We urge the United Nations to accelerate its efforts to assure the nations that a reduction in their respective military establishments is not a reduction in their security, and that the UN offers a viable means for the peaceful settlement of international disputes.

We would encourage study of the attached statements from the recent World Conference of Religious Workers in Moscow (see Appendix A).

We commend our President and General Secretary for their attendance at the Conference and support their participation in the Stockholm Peace Conference.

Further, we would endorse the attached statement made by the Baptist Union of Sweden this year (see Appendix B).


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