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BWA World Congress Resolution 1911.1

At this, the first meeting ever held in the interest of Baptist young people throughout the world assembled at Philadelphia, June 20, 1911, we, delegates and visitors to the second session of the Baptist World Alliance wish to record our views regarding the work for our young people in the following statement and resolutions:

Whereas, Our denomination has always recognized the necessity for training our young people in our history and doctrines, and in methods of Christian work, and,

Whereas, We appreciate the good work already done by existing organizations in various sections of our World Field, yet we believe the time has come when there should be a closer affiliation of Baptist Young People everywhere.

Therefore, Be it Resolved,—

1. That we do now appoint a committee of twenty-five (25) persons whose duty it shall be to devise plans by which a world-wide movement for combining all our young people may be consummated.

2. That this committee be and is hereby instructed to determine its own officers and organization and to decide as to how these instructions can best be carried out.

3. That this committee be authorized to present the results of its labor to the denomination at such time as may seem to it desirable, but in any event not later than three years from this date.

4. That those present who may wish to contribute toward the expense of this committee, may hand their offering at the close of this meeting to the person designated by the chairman, and that the committee make such further arrangement as may be necessary for its expenses but is not to make any public appeal to the denomination.

5. That the chairman appoint the above committee of twenty-five.


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In-text Online Document Citation: (BWA World Congress Resolution 1911.1).

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