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BWA General Council Resolution 2007.5

The General Council of the Baptist World Alliance Annual Gathering, meeting in Accra, Ghana, July 2-7, 2007:

Laments the presence and power of corruption in many levels of society throughout the world and especially within government and corporate elites;

Denounces corruption as sin and as unacceptable for any individual or group in any community;

Affirms that engagement on public issues including government and corporate corruption is an important element of our Baptist witness in the world;

Recognizes that failure to engage in such issues in an informed and prophetic manner may contribute to the growth of corruption and its harmful effects in our communities;

Commends the past efforts by individual and corporate Baptists seeking to address the symptoms and causes of corruption through education, advocacy, lobbying, protest and refusal to participate in incidents of corruption;

Confesses our general failure as Baptists to follow the Scriptural mandate to speak prophetically and effectively against corruption in all its forms in society and in our churches;

Resolves to work intentionally and persistently to expose, challenge and pursue the elimination of corruption wherever it exists;

Calls upon the Baptist World Alliance to facilitate the creation of structures and the provision of educational resources for our churches and denominational bodies to understand and respond to contemporary debates and decisions on corruption in public policy and state legislation; and

Calls upon the constituent bodies of the Baptist World Alliance to establish and maintain effective structures and processes to achieve biblically and theologically informed social transformation in their regions.


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Original Source Footnote/Endnote: Neville Callam, ed., Baptist World Alliance 2007 Yearbook: Minutes of the General Council Meeting and Directory (Falls Church, VA: Baptist World Alliance, 2007), pp. 96- 97.

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