You are Almighty God, Our Loving Father
Creator, Sustainer with all power
Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end
You, Oh Lord, our Tower of Strength

We lift our eyes to the heavens
None compares to you!
The stars, the moon, the universe proclaim
Who can fathom your love or doubt your grace
Jesus, Your greatest gift of all!

Reach Up Higher   (God reached out to us)
Reach to each other    (Coz’ He first loved us)
Reach Out Wider, Wider, Wider
Reach out to the nations
God, You reign!

We give our lives to you, Father!
Into Your mighty hands
Mold us, shape us, in your perfect plan
Lead us to the cross, Unashamed!
That we will carry your light
To the ends of the world

So we’ll hold to your promises; Undefeated!
Your words never change; they are complete.
Your grace is sufficient; that’s all we need
So let’s reach up, reach in, reach out!

Higher, Deeper, Wider! Reach out High! 

Words by Vesekhoyi Tetseo (Vee) and Jeff Carter
Music by Vesekhoyi Tetseo (Vee) and Liu Yonglun