Appreciation to the Hosts and Officers

Appreciation to the Hosts and Officers

BWA General Council Resolution 1991.5

The Baptist World Alliance holding its annual meeting of the General Council and related groups in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, July 7-14, 1991, has brought together Baptists from around the world for worship, fellowship, mutual encouragement, study, and planning.

Feelings of joy and expectancy have permeated the meetings as we have launched the new quinquennium and have begun implementation of the Seoul Covenant on world evangelization.

The warm welcome and generous hospitality of the Baptists of Canada and the gracious welcome of the Lord Mayor, have made these days in Montreal enjoyable and fulfilling;

The excellent preparation by our officers, committees, commissions, and staff have enabled our deliberations to proceed smoothly and effectively.

The record attendance of Baptists from around the world has demonstrated a high level of commitment to the mission and ministry of the Baptist World Alliance.

We, therefore, RESOLVE to express grateful appreciation to the Baptists of Canada and to the leaders of departments, divisions and committees who have worked diligently for our comfort, inspiration, and enlightenment; and we also acknowledge with grateful appreciation the personal sacrifice that many persons have made to journey to Montreal for these meetings.

We further RESOLVE to express heartfelt gratitude to president Knud Wümpelmann and General Secretary Denton Lotz for their inspiring leadership and skillful guidance during these days of deliberation.

Finally, we RESOLVE to express our gratitude to God for his unfailing love and guidance as we have sought to express the essential unity of the Baptists of the world in the Lord Jesus Christ.


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Appreciation to the Hosts and Officers

Resolution of Thanks

BWA World Congress Resolution 1955.6

We, the members of the Golden Jubilee Congress of the Baptist World Alliance held in London, England, July 16th to 22nd, 1955, warmly recognize, and express our heartfelt gratitude for, the careful and arduous preparations made by British Baptists, and especially by the Committees set up in London, for the hospitality shown us and for the arrangements made for our convenience and comfort.

We have been glad and honoured to receive a gracious message from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second in acknowledgment of the message sent to her by the Congress, and also to be greeted by the leaders of other churches whose words of appreciation and encouragement we cherish and reciprocate.

We realize that the organization of such a Congress makes large demands on the energies, time and patience of a great number of helpers. We thank all those who in any way by speaking, by their gifts of song or by any other form of service have made our gatherings a source of inspiration and happy memories for many days to come. We shall not forget those who have opened their homes as well as their hearts to many of us, the numerous voluntary workers engaged in planning the details of the programme, providing refreshments, stewarding the meetings and in multifarious other tasks of which it is not possible to mention all.

We acknowledge the help given by the Press and other agencies of publicity.

Though we cannot name all who are worthy of mention we wish to record our deep sense of the services rendered by Mr. Ronald Bell, Chairman and joint Treasurer with Alderman Cyril W. Black, M.P., and Dr. Ernest A. Payne, General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland, who have led and inspired their fellow-workers. Their work cannot be measured but we would assure them that we shall long remember the meetings for the success of which, under God’s blessing, they have carried so great a responsibility.

We have been made more conscious of the ties that bind us and have rejoiced in our fellowship. As we have looked back over the first fifty years of the Alliance we have thanked God and taken fresh heart and courage for the work that lies before us. We pray to the Father Who has made us all of one blood, and brought us together in one faith in Christ Jesus Our Lord, that upon the Churches in Great Britain, as well as on Baptists throughout the world, the blessing of God may rest abundantly above all they can ask or think.


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Appreciation to the Hosts and Officers

Report of the Committee on Future Congresses

BWA World Congress Resolution 1905.4

(The Creation of the Baptist World Alliance)

The report of the Committee on Future Congresses was presented as follows by Rev. L. A. Crandall, D.D., of Minneapolis, who moved its adoption. This was seconded by his Honor Judge W. Willis, K.C., of East Dereham, supported by Rev. J. Clifford, M.A., D.D., of London, and carried unanimously:—


Whereas, in the providence of God, the time has come when it seems fitting more fully to manifest the essential oneness in the Lord Jesus Christ as their God and Saviour, of the Churches of the Baptist order and faith throughout the world and to promote the spirit of fellowship, service and co-operation among them, while recognising the independence of each Particular Church and not assuming the functions of any existing organisation, it is agreed to form a Baptist Alliance, extending over every part of the world.


  1. Designation.—This Alliance shall be known as “The Baptist World Alliance.”
  2. Membership.—Any general union, convention or association of Baptist Churches shall be eligible

for membership in the Alliance.

3. Officers.—The officers of the Alliance shall be: A President, a Vice-President, from each country represented in the Alliance, a Treasurer, a British Secretary, and an American Secretary.

4. The Executive Committee.—The Executive Committee shall consist of the President, Treasurer, Secretaries, and twenty-one other members, all of whom, together with the officers, shall be elected at each General Meeting of the Alliance and enter upon office at the close of such meeting. Of the twenty- one elected members:—

Five shall be from Great Britain, seven shall be from United States of America, two shall be from Canada, and the remaining seven shall be from the rest of the world.

Five members shall constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Executive, but absent members shall have the right of voting by proxy, through any other member of the Executive who shall produce a written authorisation. A majority of those voting in person or by proxy shall be sufficient for the transaction of business. Three months’ notice shall be given to every member of the Executive of all business to be brought before the next meeting, which is other than routine business. The President shall appoint at a general meeting of the Alliance a Committee of nine members to submit the names of the officers and of the Executive Committee for the approval of the General Meeting.

5. Advisory Committee.—At a date not later than one year preceding a General Meeting of the Alliance, the Executive Committee shall have authority to appoint an Advisory Committee of not more than three hundred members of the Alliance, to confer with the Executive Committee on any matter pertaining to the objects of the Alliance. The Executive shall, however, have power to appoint an Advisory Committee not exceeding three hundred members at such other times as it may consider necessary.

6. Powers of the Executive.—The Executive Committee shall have the power of filling up vacancies which may occur among the officers and the Executive when the Assembly is not in Session. It shall be the first business of the Executive Committee, after its appointment, and the forming of this Alliance, to frame the bye-laws for the administration of business.

7. General Meeting.—The Alliance shall meet in general assembly ordinarily once in five years, unless otherwise determined by the Executive Committee, the specific date and place to be determined by the Executive Committee which shall have power to make all necessary arrangements therefor.

8. Representation for General Meeting.—Each constituent body of the Alliance may appoint messengers to the General Meeting from its own resident members on a basis to be determined by the Executive Committee.

Amendment.—-No change shall be made in this Constitution except by a two-thirds majority at a General Meeting of the Alliance after at least two days’ notice of the proposed action, such vote not to be taken on the last day of the meeting.

It was also resolved that the following be a Committee to select the names of the Officers and the Executive Committee and submit them to the Congress next morning :—Dr. J. S. Dickerson, of Chicago, Chairman, Rev. R. H. Boyd. D.D., of Nashville; Rev. Professor J. H. Farmer, LL.D., of Toronto; Rev. Professor J. Lehmann, D.D., of Hamburg; Rev. Timothy Richard. D.D., of China; Mr. H. F. Richardson, of Victoria; Rev. A. T. Robertson, D.D., of Louisville; Mr. G. White, M.P., of Norwich; and Rev. W. T. Whitley, M.A., LL.D., of Preston.


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