Toxic Waste

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BWA General Council Resolution 1988.6

God created earth— air, land and sea. Because we are stewards of Planet Earth, we Christians, along with all people of good will, are disturbed by the pollution of land, air and sea. It is profoundly distressing that nations are reported to be dumping nuclear waste onto the soil of developing nations.

Therefore, this General Council, meeting in the Bahamas, July 1988, must:

Alert its member bodies to the need to be increasingly sensitive to the dangers that toxic wastes, both nuclear and industrial, pose for all humanity and for generations to come, and

Call upon Christians, and all persons of good will, to pressure governments and industries to ensure that they neither deposit nor export death-dealing wastes to any place, most especially to developing

countries in no position to handle these toxic materials.

In light of the present situation and the damage occurring, we encourage research on an international and cooperative basis to reduce the risks of disposing of these materials.


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Online Document Full Citation: BWA General Council Resolution 1988.6 Toxic Waste;

In-text Online Document Citation: (BWA General Council Resolution 1988.6).

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