Resolution on Separation of Church and State

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BWA World Congress Resolution 1960.4

Since Baptists everywhere have understood the gospel to call men to responsiveness to Christ as Lord, and have, therefore, been constant advocates of religious liberty, this Tenth Congress of the Baptist World Alliance reaffirms its belief in the separation of the church and its institutions from the state and its institutions. We express our satisfaction that so many governments have gained the confidence needed to recognize the right of churches to be free and to make them equal before the law. We commend this practice to all governments.

In carrying forward this desire

We urge that adequate public instructional opportunities be provided for the whole population, while respecting the right of churches also to formulate and support educational endeavors.

We also urge that programs and charitable efforts of the churches be so planned as to represent the love and the stewardship of the people of the churches and not the taxing power of the government.


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Original Source Footnote/Endnote: Arnold T. Ohrn, ed., Tenth Baptist World Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, June 26-July 3, 1960 (Nashville: Broadman Press, 1966), pp. 301-302.

Online Document Full Citation: BWA World Congress Resolution 1960.4 Resolution on Separation of Church and State;

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