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BWA World Congress Resolution 1955.1

We, members of the Baptist World Congress, met from 16th to 22nd July, 1955, in the Royal Albert Hall, London, record our deep desire for peace between all men everywhere, and our resolve to seek it. We view with horror the actual and possible effects of the use of nuclear weapons and welcome the salutary warnings recently given by eminent men of science of their destructive powers, and also their support of the call for the abolition, not merely of such instruments of death, but of war itself which leads to their employment.

We declare our conviction that war is not the will of God, the Father of all men, who in Christ Jesus has broken down barriers between individuals, groups, nations and races and established instead fellowship and brotherly love.

We believe that fear and hate can only be dispelled by trust and love; misunderstanding and suspicions by truth; reliance on armaments and physical force by the experience of the power of God Who at last will bring all things into line with His purpose. Statesmanship and agreements are not enough, however necessary and good they may be. The evil things in the hearts of men must be met and matched by the full strength of the spiritual resources entrusted by God to His people.

We call on all members of Baptist churches throughout the world and other fellow-Christians continually to pray and work that the spirit of strife may be overcome by the Spirit of Christ in all fields of human life and endeavour, industrial and religious as well as international, to guard their lips and their thoughts against bitterness and to promote goodwill by their daily conduct and example.

We would urge our people everywhere to give prayerful and informed support to the aims and programmes of the United Nations in the confidence that God can use political instruments to further His purposes for mankind.

And finally we affirm our unshaken faith that, however difficult and long the way may be, the final triumph of the Prince of Peace is sure and the Kingdoms of the world shall become the Kingdom of our God and of His Christ.


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