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BWA Executive Committee Manifesto 1962-08.1

The Executive Committee of the Baptist World Alliance assembled at Oslo, Norway, August 20-24, 1962,

CALLS on Baptists to a more dedicated obedience to Christ’s Great Commission in view of the rapidly increasing world population, the technological challenges in many lands in the nuclear age, the revival of non-Christian religions, and the challenge of modern ideologies.

REMINDS all Baptists that there are still large areas where the gospel has not yet been preached, and that the missionaries, as servants of Christ, are to regard themselves as not only serving the churches that sent them, but also the churches that receive them, thus manifesting the reality of inter church fellowship between the north and the south, the east and the west.

APPEALS to all Baptists for volunteers for missionary service in these new conditions, young men and women who, responding to the call of God, and with motives derived from Jesus Christ Himself, will either leave their own countries or move into unevangelized areas of their own land, seeking to extend Christ’s kingdom.

STRESSES the need for Christian stewardship and adequate support of denominational organizations, boards and societies, in order that they may be effective in the evangelistic and missionary tasks committed to them.


BWA; Aid; Angola; Conflict; Congo; Human Rights; Reconciliation; Refugees; Violence.


Original Source Bibliography: Nordenhaug, Josef, editor. Baptist World Alliance: Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee Held at Oslo, Norway, August 20-22, 1962. Washington, D.C.: Baptist World Alliance, 1962.

Original Source Footnote/Endnote: Josef Nordenhaug, ed., Baptist World Alliance: Minutes of the Meeting of the Executive Committee Held at Oslo, Norway, August 20-22, 1962 (Washington, D.C.: Baptist World Alliance, 1962), p. 30.

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