Chin Baptist Churches USA (CBCUSA)





7216 US 31 S Indianapolis, IN 46227-8539 UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


Phone: +1 317 497 8385
Fax: +1 317 489 0383


President: Rollin Van Bik
General Secretary: Ceu Lian Thang


  • November 2023
    We give thanks for the leadership of 2020-2025 BWA Vice Presidents Albert Reyes and Samuel Tolbert in addition to the many Americans who are serving faithfully on BWA Commissions and Committees. We also give thanks for former BWA staff member Emmett Dunn who is currently serving as President of North American Baptist Fellowship.

Prayer Requests

  • November 2023
    Join us in prayer for a unified love for God and people and the opportunity to stand together as voices of hope and justice in the midst of political and cultural divisions.

Pictured is a special commissioning prayer time at the 6th Annual Conference of the Zomi Baptist Churches of America. 

Chin Baptist Churches USA (CBCUSA)

Brian Kaylor, BWA Resolutions Committee Chair, gathers with other BWA leaders for a time of prayer at the 2022 BWA Annual Gathering in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

Chin Baptist Churches USA (CBCUSA)

BWA Women Executive Director Merritt Johnston served with the Baptist Women of North America Executive Committee in Richmond, Virginia, USA, in April.

Chin Baptist Churches USA (CBCUSA)

Gina Stewart, the first woman elected President of Lott Carey Baptist Foreign Mission Society, speaks at the convention’s 125th Annual Session last year in New Orleans.

Chin Baptist Churches USA (CBCUSA)