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Furrs Teaching Environment Stewardship at Woodland

Furrs Teaching Environment Stewardship at Woodland

Sustainable Faith: How one church inspires members to be good to God’s earth

By Jennifer Colosimo

Light switch awareness, a penchant for recycling, eating food we grow with our own hands… these things seem so easy. They’re available ways to go green, and probably things most of us already think to do (or at least think about wanting to do); but a small church in San Antonio is encouraging us to think about why we do them, and use that to do more. After all, our future depends on it.

It happened in the fall of 2020. Things were bleak during the pandemic and people were contemplating life. Mike Massar, associate pastor for faith development at Woodland Baptist Church in San Antonio, was thinking about his granddaughter. She was born with a heart condition, one that required environmental changes to enhance her quality of life. That led to his thinking about the world we live in and how we haven’t done enough to take care of it for the next generation. That just didn’t sit right with him. He made an appointment with his senior pastor the next day, and the beginnings of a new initiative started to form.

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