Middle East Earthquake Relief Efforts

Stand Together with the People of Syria and Turkey

Call to Pray & Give

In the early morning hours of Monday, February 6, a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the nations of Syria and Turkey, leaving destruction on both sides of the border. Reports indicate that more than 7,000 people have died with countless others injured. Rescuers are working diligently to locate survivors amidst the rubble.  

Baptist church leaders in Turkey are gathering in Izmir to mobilize response efforts, and leaders in Lebanon are working with Syrian Baptists to respond to needs in the communities impacted. The Baptist church in Aleppo has sustained significant damage, and Baptist World Aid is working in collaboration with European Baptist Federation to ascertain details regarding current needs.

Will you join in prayer and support of our sisters and brothers in need?   

Help Syria and Turkey
Help Syria and Turkey

An Update from the Turkish Baptist Alliance

Our country is in great shock. Many buildings are damaged. People left their homes and their cities. There are a lot of traffic jams and it is very cold. It is snowing in most of the cities. This week the weather will be below 0 Celcius. The roads are also seriously damaged. This makes the search and rescue more difficult. The next 72 hours only professional search and rescue teams are allowed to go to the earthquake area. Thanks to the Lord, our Baptist churches and the members are all well. Adana is among the affected cities. 15 buildings collapsed and many were damaged. It is not clear if the building where the church is meeting is damaged or not. Two neighbouring buildings collapsed to where the pastor of the Adana Baptist Church and General Secretary of our Union and his family are living. The church members of Adana Baptist Church are all fine. They are waiting in cars and parks. The hometown of Abdullah Ergüven, Pastor of Istanbul Baptist Church, is Kahramanmaras. He has relatives and friends who are affected. He wants to go there but the roads and airports are closed at the moment. We once again are blessed to have you as our family. Thank you for your messages, prayers, and support. Please pray for our country and for the ones who lost their dear ones.

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How Baptists Are Responding

Baptist World Aid is grateful to partner with Hungarian Baptist Aid to get immediate aid to the area. After Turkish authories asked for international help, Hungarian Baptist Aid’s Rescue24 International Special Search and Rescue Team mobilized a rapid response. Leaving Budapest within 24 hours of the earthquake, the team of 19 specialists and 7 rescue dogs transported over two metric tons of equipment and are working alongside Turkish first responders. The Hungarian Baptist search and rescue team served in Turkey both in 1999 and in 2001 after similar earthquakes struck the region.

Help Syria and Turkey
Help Syria and Turkey
Help Syria and Turkey

Syrian Baptists Share Christ’s Compassion

We are grateful for the ministry of the Baptist Convention of Syria as they share the compassion of Christ with those impacted by the earthquake in Aleppo and surrounding communities. 

Help Syria and Turkey
Help Syria and Turkey
Help Syria and Turkey
Help Syria and Turkey