The Hunger Crisis is a daily disaster. People go without food because of poor agriculture, disasters such as flood and drought, political and commercial mismanagement, war and civil strife, and climate change.   

BWAid works with Baptist unions and conventions to provide aid to the most vulnerable people, women, children and the elderly.  With your generous donation we can continue to reduce hunger, one family at a time.

Encourage your church, bible study group or Sunday school class to give. Your donation is much appreciated by mudslide victims in Sierra Leone; flood victims in Texas, USA and Nepal; drought sufferers in Zimbabwe and Uganda; and civil unrest refugees and displaced populations of Central Africa Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Syria, and South Sudan. On the behalf of those who received hunger relief from Baptists around the world, thank you! 

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BWAid World Hunger Awareness


 With your help Baptists provide emergency food and water after natural disasters.

With your help Baptists provide food to refugees from South Sudan, Syria, and Turkey. Food is also provided to displaced populations in Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Nigeria.

With your help Baptists increase food security and access to clean water in Africa, Asia, and Latin America with Agriculture Project.



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Even a small gift will make a big difference to people who need help!


Concepts of Hunger by the Global Hunger Index

Hunger is usually understood to refer to the distress associated with lack of food or food security.

Undernutrition goes beyond calories and signifies deficiencies in any or all of the following: energy, protein, or essential vitamins and minerals. 

Malnutrition refers more broadly to both undernutrition (problems of deficiencies) and overnutrition (problems of unbalanced diets, which includes consuming too many calories in relation to energy requirements, with or without low intake of micronutrient-rich foods).