Baptist World Aid

Baptist World Aid ? Celebrating 100 Years of Impact

Since 1920, Baptist World Aid has networked Baptists around the world to alleviate poverty and hunger, respond when disasters strike, and support sustainable community development projects around the globe.

      Responding Today

      Click the images below to learn more about urgent needs we are responding to now with your help.

          “Standing Together” Global Response Plan

          The year was 1920. The world was struggling to recover from the Spanish Flu pandemic and the aftermath of World War I. Baptists saw a world in need and stepped into action with the first Baptist World Aid (BWAid) gift. 100 years later, our world is again in desperate need. As the Coronavirus sweeps through communities with devastating impact, hunger and starvation rise in its shadow.

          In places like Guatemala, Ethiopia, Haiti, and Sri Lanka, families face paralyzing hunger that is shuttering communities and ministries alike. More than 100 Baptist conventions and unions around the world have already asked the Baptist World family for emergency help. We have answered the call by providing over 100 emergency grants in more than 80 countries. But our resources are stretched more than ever.

          We need your help. Through your love and generosity as a Centennial Partner, BWAid will continue to save lives and propel ministry. Will you stand together with struggling families and give compassionately today?

          Your Centennial Partner gift will immediately:

          • Supply life-saving food to some of the most vulnerable facing starvation in India
          • Provide health education and hand-washing facilities in the Central African Republic
          • Assist families already displaced by conflict and violence in South Sudan who remain deprived of permanent homes
          • Help high-risk senior adults at a Romanian nursing home receive care
          • Enable church planters in Costa Rica to continue as home missionaries sharing the love of Christ

          BWA Forum for Aid and Development (BFAD)

          The Baptist World Alliance Forum for Aid and Development was launched at the BWA Annual Gathering in July 2018. Since then, people across the world have been impacted by severe flooding, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and the global COVID-19 pandemic. The Baptist family has been there and responding. The Forum has been invaluable at drawing together global Baptist leaders in order to ensure a high level of coordination for maximum impact. The Forum is the sum of all its parts, and thus relies on each member to make it happen. We rely on the different experiences, expertise and resources of participating organizations, conventions, unions and fellowships ? always prioritizing the needs and expertise of those who are most local to a situation. Find out more.

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            The Baptist World Alliance is recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization within the United States.

            For income tax reporting purposes, donors will receive a receipt for their gift.