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Executive Committee Releases Statement on Ukrainian Crisis

BWA Calls for a Just and Peaceful Solution


(FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA, USA – March 25, 2022) In conjunction with its Executive Committee meetings conducted this month, the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Executive Committee has released a joint statement in response to the crisis in Eastern Europe. This is the first statement of its kind released by the Executive Committee in over 40 years.

The statement begins: “As the Executive Committee of the Baptist World Alliance, a Christian Worldwide Communion in 128 countries and territories representing 176,000 churches and 51 million Baptists, we stand together as a worldwide Baptist family that draws upon 400 years of shared history and denounce the violence in Ukraine.”

The Executive Committee is comprised of leaders from each of the BWA’s six regional fellowships, including BWA President Tomás Mackey (Argentina), First Vice President Karl Johnson (Jamaica), thirteen Vice Presidents from around the world, as well as BWA General Secretary and CEO Elijah Brown.

The statement continues: “Today we affirm again our love for all people across this region, renew our commitment to enter into the sufferings of humanity, and stand in the belief that all conflicts and differences can be resolved peacefully. We exhort all people and all governments to stand together in these affirmations and to use every avenue to pursue just peace.”

In addition to the joint statement, the BWA is engaged in human rights advocacy at this critical time, including meetings at the United Nations and with government leaders in the United States, Ukraine, and Romania. Baptist World Aid continues to mobilize a global humanitarian response through the Baptist World Alliance Forum for Aid and Development and in collaboration with European Baptist Fellowship, one of the six regional fellowships of the BWA.

Visit to access the full statement and additional information about the global response to this crisis.


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