Monat der Evangelisierung

Ein globales Engagement für die Verbreitung des Evangeliums

In October 2021, the BWA executive voted to observe May of each year as Evangelism Emphasis Month in collaboration with other Christian Communions under the umbrella of the GoDecade Movement. The need for evangelism intensification is urgent considering that of the seven billion people in the world, an estimated three billion are unreached people groups with little to no access to the Gospel.

In addition, even though the BWA grew by 29% in the last decade, there were some regions that experienced decline. In addressing the plenary session on mission at the most recent Baptist World Congress, General Secretary Elijah Brown remarked: ?In a world with three billion still unreached with the saving gospel of Christ, we still believe every Baptist a missionary ? together in Christ, together in mission.?

Therefore, it will require the whole church to share the whole gospel to the whole world so more people may come to know Christ as Savior. And so, compelled by the Great Commission, the BWA leads with a passionate commitment to Gospel witness in every place and among all people, conscious that it is the vocation of the church to share the good news of Christ. Christopher Wright contended that evangelism is central to the mission of God because it connects us to the centrality of the Gospel which is the good news of what God has done to save the world. The church?s mission includes every member even though there are diverse giftings and callings. Therefore the call for a united and collaborative effort to mobilize and equip every Baptist to witness and lead others into a saving knowledge of Christ is urgent. Baptists are called upon during the month to:

? Teilen Sie in united prayers for the salvation of souls.
? Participate in an online training course on evangelism.
? Mobilize Baptists to lead at least one person to Christ.
? Engage in community outreach.
? Set the stage for ongoing discipleship.

Teilen Sie Ihren Glauben

Join with millions who are reaching out to family, friends, colleagues, and communities with the love of Jesus. Wählen Sie fünf Personen to pray for throughout May and share the Gospel with them.

Verbreite das Wort

Hier finden Sie eine Reihe von Flugblättern und anderen Ressourcen, die Ihnen helfen, diese globale Bewegung bekannt zu machen. Zum Blättern klicken durch den Werbeartikel-Ordner.

Senden Sie eine Evangeliumsgeschichte

Nehmen Sie an unserer Videoserie "Kraft des Evangeliums" teil! Schicken Sie uns eine Geschichte / ein Video, wie Sie die Kraft Gottes erlebt haben, wenn Sie Ihren Glauben weitergeben. Kontakt für Details.


Watch this brief video from Rev. Everton Jackson, BWA Director of Integral Mission, to learn more about this initiative.

Evangelism Training Manuals

Evangelism Training Videos (English)

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