The 21st Baptist World Congress to be held in Durban, South Africa, in July 2015, will include opportunities for mission engagement in Southern Africa. Delegates are invited to participate in any of the following missional activities. These are to be held in Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg Eastern Cape and Northern Cape together with Swaziland, Mozambique and Botswana. The plan is to work in four countries, six cities, and four provinces of Southern Africa.

In order to participate, delegates should arrive at least one week before the congress date or stay for at least one week after the congress. Expenses will be borne by the delegate wishing to participate. This includes accommodation, food and local transport. Costs will be calculated on area or option chosen.

Option A

Outreach and Evangelism:  If choosing this option there will be opportunities to share the gospel with the unreached. This will include personal evangelism, door to door outreach, literature distribution, open air preaching, evangelistic crusades, prayer walking, showing the Jesus Film, Vacation Bible Schools, sports outreach, etc.

Participants should have a passion to reach out and be open to orientation and contextualization and training. All activities will be through and under the auspices of a local church.


Option B

Compassionate Ministry:  This will give the participant the opportunity to share the love of Jesus in a practical way. It is a “hands on” ministry. It will entail visits to HIV and Aids orphanages, children’s homes, shelters for battered women, night shelters, hospitals, schools, etc. Talks on any substance abuse, counseling in drug and alcohol abuse, etc. Involvement in feeding schemes, soup kitchens, etc.

Participants are to bring own literature and notes for talks and counseling.


Option C

Theological Education: Opportunity will be afforded to conduct special lectures or seminars in several seminaries. About five or six seminaries and Bible colleges could be serviced. Resumes are to be submitted at least six months beforehand. Lecture time may vary from a day to three days. Please bring own notes, Powerpoint presentation, etc.


Option D

Practical: Skilled and semi-skilled persons may apply for this option. Skills in building, plumbing, painting, decorating etc., will be necessary for this option. Materials can be locally acquired. Donations will be welcome.