BWAid gives support and training in sustainable community development to the member bodies of the BWA, and supports development projects with funding provided by donors. In addition, it continues to coordinate disaster emergency response around the globe, ensuring a speedy and appropriate response.

A primary focus of BWAid will be the alleviation of poverty. We will seek to educate and challenge our constituency to live justly and promote change to address poverty. Among other things it will advocate for change in unjust structures recognizing that the solution to world poverty is not simply a matter of giving aid!

We are current working on our list of 2016 projects. Come back soon to see how you may help a community!


Emergency Response Fund

Funding Goal: $100,000 USD

The Emergency Response Fund enables a Baptist response to be made to emergency situations where unusual circumstances disrupt or destroy community life – famine, earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, fire, floods, volcanic eruptions, civil strife or war. Since Baptist World Alliance members now have a presence in more than 100 different countries, we have personnel in many areas where disasters occur. It is the local Baptist communities who are on the scene and ministering to their neighbors in times of crisis. They know the situations and the needs. When BWAid receives a request to assist from a member body, it is the Emergency Response Fund that allows us to make an initial response to the crisis.

Baptist World Aid has been assisting member bodies in how to respond in times of emergency as well as helping fund their responses.

The year 2012 brought hardship to many thousands of people affected by disasters. BWAid with the Emergency Response Fund assisted in the following emergencies:

  • Earthquake: continue to assist following disasters in Japan, Haiti, Myanmar 
  • Ethnic Clashes: India
  • Flood Relief: Mozambique, Nigeria, India, Croatia 
  • Hunger Relief: Horn of Africa
  • Landslides: Uganda 
  • Refugees and IDPs: Thailand, Congo, India, Middle East
  • Hurricanes: Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Bahamas, Sierra Leone, USA 



Funding Goal:  $50,000 USD

Water is a basic element of life. Most people take it for granted. For many it is a daily struggle to find water. Water Purity – In Ethiopia, in the communities of Holle Sire and Awash Belo pure water was the community’s number 1 priority. They were using water from a small river which flowed around the village. The river was used for cattle and washing as well as for drinking and cooking. Water wells are now providing clean water. Water Scarcity – The Rusayo district in Congo is composed of 15 villages. The area has no natural water source so they travel 15km to find water. A project has been done to harness water from the roofs of buildings so that it can be used freely by the population. Storage tanks hold the harvested rainfall.

Water Pollution -In Haiti, not only have people had to wait in lines to receive clean water following the January 12, 2010 earthquake, but they are also battling a cholera epidemic caused by water born bacteria
from contaminated river water. Flood waters from Hurricane Tomas were feared to spread the disease further. BWAid provided support for clean drinking water after the earthquake and also following the


Development Training Fund 

Funding Goal: $20,000 USD

Baptist World Aid is seeking to entrust, empower and enable member bodies in their development work. The purpose of this project is to enable conventions and local churches to make their own response to needs within their own countries. The desire is there, and BWAid can provide the knowledge and resources. Training events and seminars are being run to introduce the concept of diakonia/compassion ministries. Specific models of sustainable development will be introduced for adaptation to a particular country’s needs, culture and context. Seminars are planned for a different region each year. In September 2012 a development conference was held in Asia in conjunction with the 8th Asia Pacific Baptist Congress. In Europe, BWAid helped bring participants to a conference on Church and Social Action.


Funding for Development

Funding Goal: $50,000 USD

Projects relating to development are the best way to lift people out of the cycle of poverty and hopelessness. To give people the ability to improve their lives as well as that of their family is a benefit to the community as a whole. When you support projects of education and livelihood training you are giving skills that will help bring people out of poverty and hunger. By supplying the simple tools and knowledge to plant crops, you are feeding them for a lifetime.

Baptist conventions/unions worldwide are following the call of Jesus to love your neighbor, to feed those who are hungry and to minister to those in need. Baptist World Aid helps them with resources to implement their carefully planned projects, some of which you’ll find on the following pages.

Gifts to Development will allow member bodies to develop projects aimed at eradicating extreme hunger and poverty in their communities. Projects that have inclusive participation of the community, that is, inclusion of women and youth participation from its inception, implementation, governance and evaluation will be given priority. Special consideration is also given to applicants who have sustainable community development in mind as entire areas can be transformed when funding is applied strategically.


Hunger Relief

Funding Goal: $100,000 USD

Hunger continues to be one of the greatest problems facing our world today. There are many causes. Natural disasters and human made catastrophes have a devastating effect on food production. Poor people in the developing world spend up to 80% of their income to buy food, usually basics such as wheat, rice or corn.

Government policies make people hungry! Governments in both the developed and developing parts of the world exercise policies that can have an extremely negative impact on the food chain. A price reduction on a commodity in the developed world, often means that the producer in a developing country suffers a loss in income. In the developing world, unfair distribution systems can often cause food shortages.

BWAid doesn’t only feed the hungry, but looks at some of the causes, and seeks to alleviate them. Sometimes hunger funds are needed to purchase or ship food to those who are hungry. At other times, we can provide the resources for people to grow their own food.

In the USA, funds can be designated to BWAid from CROP Hunger Walk activities.



Funding Goal: $50,000 USD

aptist World Aid often receives requests for urgent assistance with medical needs. Sometimes the need might be for basic medical equipment, supplies or drugs. At other times the request is to assist with a particular situation that has occurred, e.g. an outbreak of cholera. BWAid needs to be able to offer an immediate response to many situations.

Through the Gifts-in-Kind program BWAid, working with its overseas partners, is able to send shipments of requested medical equipment and medicines that have been donated. Because the contents are donated, BWAid is able to cover the cost of shipping. In 2012 a shipment of food, water purification, metal roofing panels, and medicine/personal hygiene items was sent to Eastern Cuba following Hurricane Sandy for a cost to BWAid of $7,000.


Micah Challenge

Amount Needed: US $1,500 USD

In 2000, the nations of the world adopted eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) for the alleviation of poverty (see page 3). Targets were set for all of these goals, and nations have made commitments for meeting these targets by 2015. We are now 2 years out from the target year. The Micah Challenge is a global Christian movement encouraging Christians to be committed to the poor and hold governments accountable for their pledge within the Millennium Development Goals.

Micah Challenge works to educate, train and resource Christians to become a global voice on poverty, encouraging Christians to be informed, to engage and to speak out for justice.

In 2004, the Baptist World Alliance General Council approved the following statement “CALLS UPON the nations of the world to take seriously the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations in the desire to halve current levels of poverty by 2015.”

Christians around the world have been supporting this movement. Many Baptists are involved in their own countries. Read more on the Micah Challenge at

This project will enable Baptist World Aid to support the work of Micah Challenge.





Central African Republic: Peacebuilding and Trauma Healing Seminars

Project Funding Goal: US$20,900

Donations (as of April 30, 2015): US$10,000

Amount Needed: US$10,900

Since December 10, 2012, the Central African Republic has experienced a civil war that displaced over 300,000 people.  This conflict between rebels and the government have affected access to food, drinking water, and health services. These internally displaced persons (IDPs) have experienced many things that are traumatic and a need for healing is needed.

This project will be managed by the Association of Baptist Churches of Central African Republic. The project will coordinate seven seminars to educate Christian leaders on how to better assist those in need of healing from traumatic events, such as civil war. This project also will, includes peacebuilding talks between Christians and Muslims.