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BWA Executive Committee Resolution 1920-07.4

The following resolutions were adopted on the recommendation of the Committee on Co-operation:?

We fully recognise that all the recommendations of the Conference are subject to the cardinal Baptist principle of the rights of the individual Church and of the consent of the various Baptist Unions and Conventions concerned.

We recommend that, except where special conditions render it undesirable or impracticable [sic], the principle shall be accepted that a national Baptist organisation shall co-operate in regard to mission work with one foreign Board.

The following suggested allocation of co-operation was agreed upon:?

PORTUGAL: To be assisted by Brazil. The Southern Convention to be asked to consider this work favourably.

SPAIN: By the Southern Convention.

FRANCE, including BELGIUM and French-speaking SWITZERLAND: By the Northern Convention; the Breton work by the British B.M.S.

ITALY: To be decided by conference between the Baptist Union of Italy, the Southern Convention and the B.M.S.

JUGO-SLAVIA: The Southern Convention.

HUNGARY, RUMANIA, the UKRAINE and the portions of RUSSIA eastwards thereof: By the Southern Convention.

BULGARIA and GERMAN AUSTRIA: By the German Baptist Union, and the German-speaking Baptists of America.

CZECHO-SLOVAKIA: Co-operative work by the Northern Convention, Great Britain, and such others as are willing. Agreed that it be left an open question whether the Southern Convention join in a theological seminary at Prague for their Slav students.

POLAND: By the Northern Convention and the German-speaking Baptists in America. The importance of one Union to be emphasised.

FINLAND: By Swede and Great Britain. NORWAY: By the Northern Convention.

LATVIA, LITHUANIA, ESTHONIA, and NORTHERN RUSSIA: By Great Britain, Canada and the Northern Convention, details to be elaborated.

DENMARK: By the Northern Convention. HOLLAND: By Great Britain and Australia.


BWA; Austria; Brazil; British Missionary Society; Bulgaria; Canada; Czechoslovakia; Denmark; Esthonia (Estonia); Finland; France; Germany; Great Britain; Holland (Netherlands); Hungary; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Missions; Northern Baptist Convention; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Rumania; Russia; Southern Baptist Convention; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Ukraine; Yugoslavia (Jugo-Slavia).


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Original Source Footnote/Endnote: Baptist World Alliance: Minutes of Executive Committee, and Other Representative Baptists, Held at the Baptist Church House, Southampton Row, London, W.C. 1., From 19th to 23rd July, 1920 (London: Baptist World Alliance, 1920), Appendix C., pp. 18-19.

Online Document Full Citation: BWA Executive Committee Resolution 1920-07.4 Cooperation with Mission Boards;

In-text Online Document Citation: (BWA Executive Committee Resolution 1920-07.4).

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